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23 years ago Leo Feldman had a vision of providing high-quality tile to customers for affordable prices. He started a tile store in Brooklyn NY, in hopes of connecting clients to the tile they needed. Two decades later, he is still carrying out that goal at Universal Ceramic Tiles, with the same caring approach he had envisioned years ago.


Our philosophy is simple. We believe that if you are looking for a tile sale in Brooklyn, NY, you shouldn’t have to break the bank. That’s why we always look to price our products to make them as affordable as possible and work with brands we deem offer the highest value. At the same time, our options for flooring are also beautiful, because our team works to constantly update our inventory to keep it up to date with the latest trends. Speaking of our team, we have incredible professionals with decades of combined experience who can help you find the perfect tile, no matter what your requirements are. We are proud that our philosophy has led us to maintain 100% customer satisfaction for countless years in a row!


  • An eye-catching showroom with over 5000 sq. ft of space to find your tile.
  • Thousands of combinations of brands, colors, and materials.
  • Delivery across a 300-mile radius.
  • A design service which can help you see our tile in your home.
  • Tile installation by our experts that is quick and professional.
  • 23 years of experience working to help you buy tile in Brooklyn, NY.

“Tile store near me” will become a forgotten phrase after you give us a call today!

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